Hillman Launches 400th Barge For Crounse Corporation

launches barge

Hillman Barge & Construction Company of Brownsville, Pa., has announced the launching of the 400th barge the company has built for the Crounse Corporation of Paducah, Ky. Like the first barge Hillman built for Crounse in 1964, this 195-foot by 35-foot by 11-foot coal barge was designed and constructed to meet the specific operating and maintenance procedures required by Crounse.

This 400th barge is part of an order of 32 barges being completed for Crounse at this time.

All of the barges feature a specially reinforced radius-designed coaming that will deflect buckets during unloading operations, thus reducing maintenance requirements. Other features include additional bulkheads in the rake and stern sections for increased buoyancy, and heavy plating for added barge life.

Hillman Barge is a leading inland barge builder. The company s p e c i a l i z e s in custom-designed barges that are constructed to meet specific operating requirements and overcome unique problems for its customers. In addition to standard, jumbo and stumbo barges for coal, grain and other commodities, Hillman also constructs tank barges, sand and gravel barges, deck barges, as well as other specialty marine equipment.

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